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BT BMS-Tec® – Cables for KNX (was EIB or Instabus) networks

1 or 2 pairs
0.8 mm, Flexible Tinned Copper, Overall Shield, HFFR Jacket

Shielded cable
suitable for Konnex building
management networks

BT BMS-TEC™ Paired Cables

Standard References
EN 50090
(BS)EN 50290-2
RoHS directives

1. Conductor
Bare Copper wire,

2. Insulation
Polyethylene (PE)

3. Lay Up
4 cores stranded to
a quad (4 x1) or
2 cores twisted to a pair

4. Wrapping
PET foil

5. Drain Wire
Tinned Copper Wire, 0.4mm

6. Shield
100% Coverage

7. Jacket Material
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
or Halogen Free,
Flame Retardant (HFFR)
Green RAL 6018

Standard Put Up Length
305 or 500 metres

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