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BT BMS-Tec® – Audio Control & Instrumentation Cables

2 Cores
2 x 0.6mm2, Flexible Bare Copper, Overall Screen, PVC Sheath
BT Cables Part No: C1381

Screened Multi-Conductor cable suitable for Audio, Control, Instrumentation and
Building Management Systems (BMS)

Audio, Control & Instrumentation

Standard References
(BS) EN 50290-2
IEC 60332-1
RoHS directives


  1. Conductor

2 x Bare Copper wire,
0.6 sqmm flexible, 7 x 0.35 mm

  1. Insulation Polyolefin Core 1:
    Black Core 2: Red


  1. Drain Wire
    7 x 20 mm Tinned Copper
  1. Ripcord
  1. Screen
    Aluminium/Polyester 115% Coverage
  1. Sheath  Material
    Flame-Retardant PVC Standard colour: grey

Standard Put Up Length
305 metres

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