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BT BMS-Tec® – LonWorks Cables

1 or 2 Pairs
22AWG, Solid Bare Copper, Individually Screened or No Screen, HFFR Sheath
BT Cables Part No: C1346 – C1347 – C1348 – C1349

Interface Bus systems

Standard References
IEC 60332-1
IEC 60332-3-24
RoHS directives
(BS)EN 50290
IEC 61034
IEC 60754-1 & 2

1. Conductor
Solid Bare Copper
22 AWG (0.64 mm)

2. Insulation
Solid PE or
Foam PE

3. Lay Up
Two wires twisted
to a pair.

4. Drain Wire (if applicable)
24 AWG (0.5 mm)
Tinned Copper

5. Screen (if applicable)
Each pair individually screened with
an Aluminium/Polyester foil
100% Coverage

6. Cable Core
one pair or two pairs stranded

7. Sheath Material
Halogen-Free (HFFR))
Standard colour: purple

Standard Put Up Length
305 metres

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