Construction Product Regulations

With effect from 1st July 2017, i.e. at the end of co-existence period, it will be obligatory for cables, having an intended use for permanent installation in buildings and construction works, to be accompanied by a Declaration of Performance (DoP) and to have CE marking under the CPR. This requirement relates only to the Reaction to Fire performance of the cables.

It is important to understand whether the cables intended use is for permanent installation in a building. A large percentage of cables supplied by BT Cables are intended for EXTERNAL USE and are thus, not affected by CPR. In the cases where some of these cables enter a building for a small length (e.g. Dropwires), a CPR classification will be made available along with all of the required technical documentation to ensure compliance with the Regulation. For other external cables such as CW1128 and its derivatives, these are purely for external use and thus, no CPR compliance is required.

It is also important to note, that cables PLACED ON THE MARKET prior to July 1st 2017 are not subject to CPR and can be sold on without any issue.

Below is a table of product from BT Cables which will be required to be CPR compliant. The table contains information pertaining to the expected Euroclass and also the timeframe when the cables are expected to achieve compliance, and from when the technical documentation is made available

Cable Specification Product Proposed Euroclass Expected availability of technical docs
NR 30060* LSZH Eca May/June 2017
NR 00015 Duct & CST LSZH Eca May/June 2017
CW1600 Low smoke & fume Dca (s1,d0, a1) / Cca(s1,d0, a1) May/June 2017
CW1308B Internal external Dca (s2, d0,a2) May/June 2017
CW1308 Internal switchboard Eca May/June 2017
Downlead DW11,12,15 Downleads and drop cables F/Eca May/June 2017
CW1601 Internal Eca May/June 2017
CW1725 Data Cca (s1, d0, a1) May/June 2017
BMS Multicore/pair cables for use in BMS systems Cca/Dca/Eca End 2017
Data All categories Cca/Dca/Eca May/June 2017
Control Coax 3002 multiway Dca/Eca End 2017
CW1413 Coax 5000 Dca (s2, d0, a2) May/June 2017
CW1423 Jumper wires Eca May/June 2017
CW1383 Coax 3002 Eca May/June 2017
CW1229 Coax 2001/2/3 Eca May/June 2017
CW1407 Coax 7000 multiway Eca May/June 2017
CW1436 Coax 3003 LSZH Eca May/June 2017
CW1414 Coax 2001/2/3 LSZH Eca May/June 2017
CW1470 Coax 7000 Eca May/June 2017

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