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Twin data link

PACW/ PE Insulation/PE Inner Sheath (Belt)/Moisture Barrier / PE Sheath
External Telephone Cable (Complies with BR1932 : 1987
Network Rail certificate of acceptance – PA05 /06234

Interconnecting Cable for SSI Systems

The cable is designed primarily for external deployment in railway
environments as the interconnecting cable for Solid State Interlocking
(SSI) Systems. It is manufactured in accordance with Network Rail
Specification BR1932 (Dec 1987). The cable is deployed in troughing
or by direct burial. In the latter case, the thickness of the outer sheath
is increased.

The cable core comprises two plain annealed copper conductors,
insulated with solid polyethylene and forming a twisted pair with
regular lay. The cable core is then covered with a polyester core
wrap and a polyethylene inner sheath or bedding. A polymer-coated
aluminium tape is applied longitudinally over the cable core wrap
acting as a moisture barrier. The moisture barrier is bonded to the
polyethylene outer sheath.
A second variant includes a 5 mm outer polyethylene sheath to facilitate direct burial.
Further variants are available including HFFR Sheath and Rodent
Resistant outer sheath incorporating a corrugated steel tape bonded to
a polymeric sheath.

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