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British Cables Company recognises its responsibility to balance its business needs with those of the environment. All applicable regulatory and legislative requirements will be met through the implementation of environmentally friendly practices.


We are committed to continually improve our environmental performance through the involvement of our people, customers, suppliers, contractors, and other interested parties.


In addition, the environmental effects associated with the site and with the materials, design, processes, products, sale and distribution of metallic telecommunication cables will be identified and evaluated with the intent to avoid, reduce or control pollution and adverse environmental impact. For example the use of copper and amounts of energy used for production will be monitored and controlled wherever possible with the aim to challenge the overuse of material during production and seek ways to keep our energy usage below a set target.


This policy will be communicated to all interested parties, including employees, with the opportunity for them to seek clarification wherever needed. The policy will be implemented within a formal environmental management system which will be regularly audited and reviewed to ensure ongoing suitability and effectiveness.

Kevin Samuel | Managing Director
British Cables Company- Issue 10 Dated: 01/10/2018

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