Limited Fire Hazard Cable

Typical Cable Applications: Suitable for use in fire risk locations such as high rise buildings, sub-surface, underground & metro systems

Plain solid copper conductors, PE insulation, unit twin construction, polyester core wrap, fire retardant tape, drain wire, electrical screen, low smoke zero halogen sheath

Compliant with British Telecom Specification CW1600

BTCL P/N No. of Pairs Conductor Diam (mm) Nom Sheath Radial (mm) Max O/All Dia (mm) Max Average Resistance (ohms) Max Average Mutual Cap (nF/km)
1-0003-P050-001-00-T-1600 3 0.50 0.60 4.8 97.8 80
1-0040-P050-001-00-T-1600 40* 0.50 0.90 15.0 97.8 80
1-0100-P050-001-00-T-1600 100* 0.50 1.50 27.0 97.8 80
1-0320-P050-001-00-T-1600 320* 0.50 2.20 39.5 97.8 80

Capacitance Unbalance 99% of Cases (pF) = 500
Note 1: *These cables contain a 1.38mm PVC Insulated Earth wire
Note 2: Available in pair range 2-320 pair

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