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British Cables Company are committed to providing telecommunication products for customers in line with their requirements and in accordance with all other applicable requirements.


BCC are dedicated to ensuring all products and services are of the very best standard. The business strives to maintain and enhance our reputation each year by organic growth and customer satisfaction, specifically through our insourcing program. We endeavour to be the number one supplier in copper telecoms across the UK, Europe and Middle East and to become a challenger in data, rail, BMS, fire resistant and optical fibre market segments. Continual improvement is a permanent objective of the business, as shown by our continuous improvement events and our BQF bronze accreditation.


This policy shall be communicated to all interested parties including employees with the opportunity for them to seek clarification wherever needed. Each process will have objectives set (as applicable) to support the delivery of this policy. The policy will be implemented within a formal quality management system which will be regularly audited and reviewed to ensure ongoing suitability, efficacy and adequacy. These actions will be used in order to identify further improvement opportunities.

Kevin Samuel | Managing Director
British Cables Company – Issue 11 Dated 01/10/2018

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